Gone are those cold days and summers are here. It is a good time to show off some skin and flaunt your fashion style. So, don’t forget to fill your wardrobe with these lavishing and amazing top styles. Here are some cool and trending top styles that you just can’t keep away from your Summer Collection.  

Off the shoulder top:

Off the shoulder top

Trendy and perky this piece can really add a statement look to your very basic outfit. This is basically a top that flaunts your neckline and highlights your collar bone. So if these are one of your strong features, then grab it, ladies.

Crop tops:

One of my personal favorites. They are dainty, slender and sleek. And you can pair it with almost anything and everything. This is really one of that versatile dressier piece in your closet which is a must-have. Here we have a basic black crop top. Since black is such a universal color, go for it without any doubt.

Scoop neck:

If you want a trendy touch without revealing too much skin, then this is perfect for you. This is basically a round neck top with two straps going criss-cross along your neckline. Super pretty this is perfect for a casual or festive occasion.

Cold shoulder top:

Another personal favourite, not so revealing but super trendy. In the past years, you saw this design almost everywhere. This is perfect for those who are slightly heavier on their arms. This will make their arms look slender.

Wrap top:

A really dressy piece. Dress it up or down this will make you look gorgeous every time. There are so many warp designs available in the market. But if you ask me I will suggest you buy a strappy cold shoulder wrap blouse. This is perfect for those who are a little bustier and still want to look trendy. No worries plus sizes, we got you covered. This will accentuate your femininity without showing off too much of your bust.

Peplum top:

If you are someone with a little belly fat or if you are conscious of your love handles protruding out, then you know this top is perfect for you. This has a really nice flare at your waist area which given an illusion of a flat tummy. So go for this blindfolded.

Cape top:

If you are a trend freak like me, then you must know this piece has always been on demand. I mean whoever came up with the idea of having a cape attached to the top wear, hats off. This is a very unique and unusual design, but that is exactly what makes it trendy.

Bell sleeves:

The statement sleeves have taken the whole fashion world by storm. They look super cute. The flare at the end of the sleeves is really something that has not been seen before. You will get various styles and colors revolving around these sleeves. So if you want to jazz up your boring outfit go for this.


A dainty little thing with thin straps, sexy isn’t it? Well, this has become quite a trend in the last few years. And if you have searched the whole wide world and did not find a perfect piece or you did not buy it because it will dig a hole in your pocket. Then we have come to your rescue. See this white bralette, it is super pretty and amazingly it is ultra affordable.

Lace tops:

Lace tops are quite delicate and require effective handling. Tops of this style give a very feminine and graceful look. It is highly trending and it is an utmost favourite of all the ladies. These tops can really provide a rich look and can be worn over both jeans and skirts. This is a highly extravagant top which is capable of grabbing the attention of your viewers. That was all for this article. Tops are the utmost favourite of all the women in the world. Be it casual or any festive occasion tops always come on handy. So if you are looking forward to investing in some good tops then these were some awesome recommendations to keep your fashion competitors guessing.