Ties.. this particular accessory or a piece of clothing can make a man look very classy yet gentle. Here, we are going to tell you about some types of tie knots that you can get to know about and can try later to any event. This time we are bringing 12 types of tie knots for you, give them a look and decide which knot are you going to tie in following events.

Four-In-Hand Knot

Four in hand is a very simple way to tie a neck tie, it is also known as school boy knot. It can be tied easily because of its simplicity.

Half Windsor Knot

Half Windsor knot is tied in a triangular knot, larger than the four in hand knot and it gives a very neat look.

Full Windsor Knot

Full Windsor knot is also known as Windsor knot, this knot gives a very symmetrical triangular look and it is bigger than half Windsor knot.

Nicky Knot/ Pratt Knot

Nicky Knot is a little thicker than four in hand knot and doesn’t uses much length which makes it apt for tall men.

Bow-Tie Knot

Like the name says, this is for bow ties.

Kelvin Knot

Kelvin knot is not very popular. It is just like four in hand knot but a little fuller and angular.

Oriental Knot

Oriental knot is like an alternative for in hand knot. It is also known as simple knot, small knot or kent knot as it is super simple to tie.

St. Andrew Knot

This knot looks asymmetrical but suits most of the faces as it is medium sized and tied by a lot of people.

Victoria Knot

Victoria knot is double looped over a four in hand knot, mostly loved by people who love bigger tie knots.

Cafe Knot

This knot is super stylish but yet again nothing stylish comes easy. This knot is complicated and it took hype in 20th century, mostly to get attention and to show the dresser’s knot-tying skills.

Trinity Knot

This knot comes from the Celtic culture and Christian church. Looks wise this knot looks striking and symmetrical. And classy as well!

Christensen Knot

This is mostly tied on a social event or at a business set up and it is easy to tie as it is medium sized and that makes it super easy.