Ladies and gents! Preparing for a date is by far the most difficult thing you can do for your significant. We are going to give you some date ideas that can help you in making your significant other feel special. Let’s go!


Stargazing in my eyes is the most romantic date idea a one can come up with. Grab a soft comforter and pillows and head to some place high or a little out of the city. Trust me, you’ll love holding your lover’s hand under that star lit sky, plus it will also set the mood and the conversation is going to be out of the world.

Coffee date

Couple in love drinking coffee and have fun in coffee shop. Love concepts. Vintage effect style picture

If you want to talk and get to know each other better then Coffee date is the best idea. Order coffee for yourselves and get to talking.

Have a DIY Spa Night

DIY spa night is the most fun thing you can do at home that too as a date. Both of you should put your face masks on and get your skin cleared up together. Put face masks on each other’s faces and have a little fun with it.

Dinner and Movie Night

Order in or go out, fill up you tummy with your favorite kind of food and talk, laugh and do your thing, after that come back home, get into your cozy PJs and watch movies. Let’s get the movie marathon going.

Chocolate Tasting

Um-hum! Chocolate tasting is a really sensual and romantic thing couples can do. Try on different kind of chocolates, melted chocolates with fruits *wink*. You know how it goes after the chocolates and all that flirting!

Movie Marathon

All you have to do is pick favorite movie series of yours and watch it all weekend or anytime you plan on doing it.

Build a Fort

Building a fort does sound childish but we are still going to ask you to do it. The fun is in building a fort by a blanket, filling it up with a comforter and lots of pillows and decorating it with fairy lights, all these things can be really cute.


Going on a drive is also an amazing date idea. You pick a destination, pack your food or take away from your favorite restaurant. While on the way to your destination, you can have a really good conversation plus the fun is unimaginable.