Heels are the women’s best friend. The right kind of heel for your feet can boost up your confidence and change your look and many heads turn as you enter a room.

The only issue that arrives is that while buying, which one is the best for you. While buying, you must always consider the color of clothes you are going to pair them up, and the level of comfortability you want, because if you aren’t comfortable in them then it could ruin your day.

Down below we have made up a list of the most common best heels, which could help you to choose the right one for your day.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are best for the party purposes or any kind of corporate events where you want to wear a heel but of less height. They are a great substitute for the high heels or for the ones who are taller but have a wish to wear heels. The height of this varies from 3.5 cm to 4.75 cm. They are the lowest kind of heels among the ones that are considered.


Pumps are also known as simple high heels which have height varying from 2 inches to 3 inches. Although they are closest to stilettos but are considered different because of the flat front. The advantage of wearing pumps is that you can wear it for every occasion from casual to formals. They are a classic pair of heels that almost every girl should have.


Stilettos are the highest of all the heels. They have height upto 8 inches. These heels are not for the inexperienced walkers, as it is impossible to walk in these. But if you know how to walk in such high heels then there is no going back. Stilettos are considered to be the founder of all heels.


Wedges include two types of shoes, one is wedge heels and the other is wedge sandals. Wedges are very comfortable as compared to the other heels, but it becomes difficult to match them with the right pair of clothes.

These heels are best for the girls to refuse to walk in 6-inch stilettos but want to walk in high heels. Although these heels are elevated but they are comfortable as the weight is spread equally throughout its base which balances your body and makes it comfortable to walk.

Platform Heels

Platform heels have an additional sole to its front part of the shoe which adds comfort and more height to your heel. These are best if you want to attend a night party or any other off –  clock occasions. They are very comfortable as the extra sole in front helps to balance your foot well.

Comma Heels

Comma heels, as the name says, has the heel that is in shape of a comma (or crescent-shaped), almost like the kitten heels. It is very eye-catching and depicts a fashion statement. It is not easy to find it anywhere, and not many people know about it. Only a few hot favorites can be seen on the red carpets and at the runways.


Oxford are the low – heeled shoes that can be easily coupled with any simple dress. The combination of it depicts the country fashion best. They even look good on trousers if you want to wear them on a daily basis. They look very smart and casual to wear. The oxford heel got its inspiration from the men’s lace-up footwear and the traditional school uniforms.


These comfortable shoes don’t have any back straps which makes it an iconic feature. It has derived its inspiration from an ancient Rome and now evolved over time. If you wish to wear something just like shoes, then mules are the best option you have got. They take the shape of your feet and have an opening near the soles.

Block Heels

Today block heels are considered to be super stylish among all the heels, it is something that comes between the stilettos and wedges. Even block heels allow you to distribute your body weight differently and taking some of the pressure off the front part of your foot. These are comfortable too and comes in both low and high.