With the growing age and time, interior design has become a common practice of people and professionals decorating and styling a living space be it a domestic, professional or a commercial setting. It has grown to popularity as it allows people to create an ambiance and vibe according to their tastes. While interior designing was seemed to be used only in domestic arenas, many commercial real estates have jumped on the trend to create an environment to enhance sales or productivity.

Here is a list of styles of interior design popular in the domestic realm.


Coastal designs are inspired by the sea and we can mostly see these designs in beach houses. The coastal designs include a light color palette such as baby blue, light green or sea green with white and beige upholstery. Light and bright colours are often seen with this style as it draws and inspiration from the white sandy beaches and the blue sky and the ocean.


Contemporary designs are usually confused many a time with modern designs but contemporary relates to whatever is going on trend during the time which can include modern designs. They are much flexible and versatile as one can dabble with other contemporary designs. 


Eclectic designs can be hard to design as they can be risky and overdoing can result in disaster. It has bohemian elements to it with bold colour palettes and different textures and lighting and shapes. It is basically bringing different patterns and styles together while accentuating and infusing them to create the perfect look.


This style of interior design grew into popularity in the 1990s when people moved into buildings and warehouses and left the fixtures, pipes, and bricks out in the open and unfinished. With neutral tones, the industrial decor has everything to do with unfinished and exposed materials such as brick walls, concrete floors, and visible fixings and pipes.


Modern interior design is sleek, crisp and clean with a simple neutral colour palette. What one will see in modern designed homes or spaces is that the spaces will have a neutral colour palette with maybe a splash of an accent colour, seamlessness in the furniture, accessories and even wall accents and a lot of open space.


Rustic designs are inspired by nature and outdoors. The most common features that one will see in a rustic designed room or home will be floors or ceilings with unfinished woodwork or exposed stone. This design makes a room look raw, earthy and natural vibe to them with the use of bold and earthy elements.


Inspired by European interior design particularly from the 18th and 19th century, traditional interior designs rely on elegant furnishings, wooden floors, panelings, neutral colours with vibrant accent walls and symmetry, This is one of the most common styles that is still prevalent in many homes today as it gives the home a warm, comfortable yet a luxurious feel to it. 


The Scandinavian interior design oozes with minimalism and symmetry. Rooms and homes with Scandinavian decor will typically have an all-white palette with a pop of colour from the art hanging on the walls or plants or a piece of furniture. This style of design is very understated but looks very picturesque and minimalist.


This style of design is very carefree and free-spirit and can be created using various styles, patterns, and textures. The aim of this style of design is to create a “messy” look. It has influences and inspirations from ethnic and nomadic cultures like Morocco or even tribal cultures. To create a bohemian vibe, try layering various textiles and using tapestries and dark colours for the perfect boho ambiance.


While this style of design may not be popular much more. The Victorian decor consists of extravagance and lavishness. This style of decor had a vibrant colour palette using colours such as purple, maroon, burgundy, dark red, black, beige for its walls and furniture. While the walls were mostly warm toned for a more royal look, the pieces of furniture used were intricately detailed with a lots of handwork. Even the windows of such houses would be stained or would have built-in benches which remind you of the Victorian era.


While they may seem old-fashion, vintage style of design can be very versatile with a lot of room for experimentation. This style of design focuses on crisp and clean surroundings with less clutter and classy furniture allowing for an old yet very sophisticated look.

Mid-century modern

The mid-century modern pieces of furniture have an iconic design with their minimal, elegant get crisp designs, the style has been growing into popularity. While it is very important to note that similarity and symmetry are very important in this style of design. Mid-century modern allows for a simple, elegant yet versatile design giving the room a modern and contemporary vibe.


As its name would suggest, the transitional style of design brings traditional design and blends it with modern styles while trying to incorporate the perfect balance between the two very different styles. It fuses the two design creating the perfect balance of the two while making rooms crisp and elegant with a warm vibe to it.


With influences from vintage, bohemian and rustic styles of designs, shabby-chic has a soft, opulent and feminine. It has a very DIY vibe to it with distressed walls or furnishings, a cream or beige-y colour palette and floral prints.