Food is what holds our lives together and keeps us going. Today, we bring forward the best cafes and restaurants of “Mini Mumbai” Indore. There are so many kinds of dining places in this city but today we will talk about the fanciest of them all. LET’S GO!

Mr. Beans

Situated in the heart of Indore and prime location for foodies, you’ll find this “French bistro” concept based Restaurant with breathtaking interiors and amazing food. They serve a wide range of food and trust us, there are too many options that you wouldn’t want to miss.
Go there by yourself or with a group, you’ll be welcomed with an open heart. “It is a gorgeous place to take someone out on a date.”


Mocha is a very wide-ranging cafe chain which is in multiple cities and Indore is one of them. The place has very vibrant feel to it as the ambience is very calming, they have outdoor sittings as well. It’s a cafe bar which serves food and drinks in style. The food is super tasty, you can enjoy the place with a company or alone, it’s good either way.

Cafe Terazza

This rooftop cafe is situated at a major residential area in Indore, which is amazing as you get a really nice view from the cafe plus the coffee goes well with the view. It is a nice space to hang-out at, go with your friends or with your family; both groups will enjoy themselves to the fullest.

The Piano Project

“Fancy and elegant” are the words that describe this place the best. A rooftop restaurant that gives of a very beautiful city view, in evenings you get to witness a very beautiful sunset with you food and drinks and in the nights you see the city lights and the music in the background by the singers is an add-on. It’s a perfect place for a date night or any kind of party!

Tea Villa

A well-known chain of Mumbai is now in Indore. They have varieties of teas and the food is outstanding. The hospitality and ambiance is 10 on 10. They serve wide range of dishes, Visit this chic cafe and let us know what you think.

Hobnob Gourmet Cafebar

This place is called a cafebar for a reason, the balance is always there. Have breakfast there or go in the night to party, Hobnob never fails to amaze you. The drinks are amazing and the food is YUMMY!

Mitti- Organic. Fresh. Desi.

In my eyes, Mitti is by far the best restaurant I have been to. They have the best organic meals, deserts, teas & coffees. The quantity they serve in one plate can serve 2. You can literally take your laptop there and work for as long as you want.
P.S.: I can live off of their food.

House Of Malts

This place is lavish in all sorts. The indoor and outdoor sittings are very cosy and comfortable. They get the best live-singers and trust us; the music really goes well with the setting of this place. The drinks are A1 and food menu is quite exotic plus it tastes out of the world!

Kebabsville by Sayaji

Sayaji, the name itself is enough. Kebabsville is a fine dine place, that serves buffet and “order only” food and drinks. The services are outstanding, the food is marvellous as there is a barbeque setting on every table and the cocktails are amazing! Everything they have live singers for their customers entertainment. Kebabsville in one word is royalty!

You can visit these places or know about them by clicking on the links mentioned below the picture.