It can be awkward walking into a Japanese restaurant and not knowing what to order. One of the significant parts of Japanese culinary experience is Sushi. It has traveled from Japan and become part of the food culture of several countries.

Here are some basic types of sushi that’ll help you order next time you’re at a Japanese restaurant –


This is the type of sushi that comes into mind when you think of sushi. Nigiri consists of a bed of rice, on top of which rests thinly sliced raw fish. Some can have cooked or seared fish as well in case you can’t eat a raw one. The common type of fish can be salmon or tuna, shrimp or sometimes even egg. Sometimes, seaweed is added for extra flavor.



It is the rolled type of sushi. Maki consists of seaweed that envelopes rice, fish, veggies along with other ingredients into a roll. It can have salmon, tuna, crab, eggs, and sometimes even chicken for non-fish eaters. A roll usually has six pieces or you can order an assortment with various types of rolls.



This is basically the twin of Maki sushi but with a difference. The outside layer is of rice instead of seaweed. This is typically western type sushi. It consists of anything that can make it taste better. Sometimes, caviar or sesame seeds are used. California roll is one of the famous types of Uramaki sushi.



It is hand-rolled sushi, unlike others which are rolled with a bamboo mat. It is coned shaped and larger than regular sushi. Rice is placed inside the seaweed sheet with other ingredients such as vegetables, fish, etc.



This is a ‘pressed’ type of sushi. It is also known as box sushi. Oshibako is a wooden mold, which is used for shaping this type of sushi. The bottom of the mold is lined with toppings and then topped with rice and seaweed which are pressed into the mold.



This means ‘scattered sushi’. It is a type of sushi which is served in a bowl. In a bed of rice, topped with several toppings. This type is common in Japanese households as it is easy to make.


It is one of the most widely known types of sushi. It consists of raw fish served with dips such as wasabi, horseradish, soy sauce, etc. It is not considered as a ‘proper’ type of sushi but is widely eaten.