YouTube is a great way to spend or waste your time, depending on how you use it. With millions of creators and millions of videos, there is something for everyone on this site, all that you have to do is find it.

Reaction Videos

Youtube, Kurtis Danny and Drew

These videos are YouTuber’s reactions and commentary on another video, a real-life event, a social media page, etc. These videos are generally funny since the YouTuber tries to poke fun of whatever they’re reacting to. However, there can be outrage/ serious reaction videos too. Some examples of channels that do reactions are- FBE, Kurtis Connor, Danny Gonzalez, Drew Gooden, Cody Ko

Unboxing Videos

These videos have two famous sub-genres: Gadgets and subscription boxes. Unboxing videos generally contain the first impressions and can be a guide for any future consumers who might be interested in that product/ service. Some examples are Unbox Therapy, Technical Guruji, Geeky Ranjit.

Comedy/ Sketch Videos

These videos are funny scripted sketches by YouTubers, every YouTuber incorporates their personal style in their humour, so it is important to find the one that you like. These videos are most common to get viral or trending. Some examples are IIsuperwomanII, MostlySane, BBKiVines.

Gaming Videos

YouTube, Pewdiepie

One of the most popular genres of YouTube content, gaming walkthroughs and live streams have been, and continue to be one of the most-watched and celebrated content on YouTube. Streaming sites lie Twitch has made it possible to watch long (sometimes 24 hours) live streams of your favourite YouTubers playing games. Some examples are CinnamonToastKen, GameGrumps, Pewdiepie and JackSepticEye

Animation Videos

YouTube, Odd1sout

These are animated sketches, rants or stories often having humorous undertones. Animations are harder to make and take more effort into making one video than normal videos and thus are a smaller community on youtube. Some examples are- Comics, TheOdds1out, Jaiden Animations

Art Videos

YouTube, Jazza

While both animation videos and art videos involve art, these are more for the art community and interested beginners to learn more about art. These videos can be tutorials, challenges, testing out supplies or plain time-lapses of paintings. Some examples are Jazza, Chloe Rose Art, SuperRaeDizzle, 5 minutes craft.

Educational Videos

YouTube, ASAPScience

These videos contain a variety of informative content, from explaining NCERT chapters to Ted Talks to Documentaries this is the practical, academic side of YouTube shown in colleges and schools. Some try to be entertaining, some try to be serious. Examples are ASAPScience, TED Talks, VSauce

ASMR Videos

YouTube, ASMRGibi

This is an emerging trend, but a very favourable one for content creators. ASMR videos involve whis[ering, tapping and other triggers that elicit shivers in people and help them in relaxation and with anxiety. People fall asleep to these videos and often these videos are above an hour-long and have millions of views. Some examples are ASMRGibi, ASMRDarling, LatteASMR, etc

Fashion/ haul Videos

These videos are about fashion and style. One famous type of fashion video is a haul video where creators buy a lot of stuff and show it off one by one, sometimes trying it on, talking about the price, feel and look. Examples are Zoella, Shanice Shrestha, Lindsey Hughes.


Another viral video genre on YouTube is vlogs. These are video logs of your day and are generally filmed with a sports camera/ a small portable camera. Vlogs are usually about their day-to-day life and also YouTubers try to go the extra mile to make their day interesting. Some common vlog channels are Mumbaiker Nikhil, David Dobrick, Dobre Brothers.

Beauty/ Makeup

These videos are commonly tutorials, challenges or trying out new products. There is a huge fanbase for make-up tutorials. One of the earliest videos on Youtube used to be Makeup tutorials thus making this a very well established genre. Some examples of beauty gurus on YouTube are- SimplyNaillogical, Tati, James Charles, Jeffree Star.

Prank Videos

YouTube, PrankVsPrank

These YouTubers go around pranking people and filming it for content. Mostly scripted, couples pranks is a very viral sub-genre in these types of videos. These videos are exaggerated for comedic effect. Examples are PrankVsPrank, Roman Atwood

QnA/ Storytime/ Rant Videos

YouTube, Dan Howell

These videos are mostly sitting down in front of a camera and talking videos. They are very talk- heavy videos and are done so as to know the creator better and more intimately by their fans. Some examples are Girl Defined, Tom Daley, Dan Howell


These videos are either cooking challenges, testing new appliances or recipe tutorials. These can be made funny/ entertaining but are mostly for information and teaching purposes. Examples of famous cooking channels are Tarla Dalal, CookingShooking, Rosanna Pansino, Epic Meal Time,